Brain-Teaser 455

From The Sunday Times, 1st February 1970 [link]

Every week we field a village darts team of 3 men, one from each of our pubs (Plough, Queen’s Head, and Roebuck). Altogether we can call on 14 players (whose names, luckily, start respectively with the first 14 letters of the alphabet): five of them frequent the Plough, six the Queen’s Head and seven the Roebuck, the apparent discrepancy is explained by the thirsts of Ernie, Fred, Len and Mark, all of whom are “two-pub men” and are thus eligible to represent either of their haunts.

For over three years we have picked a different team each week and have just exhausted all 162 possible combinations. The last two teams were:

Joe, Nigel, Charlie
Charlie, Fred, Harry

For the next seven weeks we are waiving the one-man-per-pub rule and have picked teams which have not so far played together. The are:

Ernie, Len, Mark
Ian, Fred, Alan
Joe, Fred, George
Len, Mark, Keith
Fred, Keith, Nigel
Ernie, Len, Nigel
Ian, Joe, and one other to be picked from a hat on the night.

Which darts players frequent the Roebuck?