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This site is a companion site to Enigmatic Code (which collects Enigma puzzles originally published in New Scientist and their solutions). You might want to read the [ About ] and [ Notes ] pages there.

The site is for discussing and posting notes and solutions to the Teaser puzzles (formerly Brainteaser and Brain-Teaser) published in The Sunday Times.

Primarily it is focussed on archiving old puzzles, but I also put up new puzzles when they become available. (Although I don’t reveal the answers for prize puzzles before the entry deadline has passed).

My current sources are:

Here is a summary of published books of Teaser puzzles that I am aware of.

If there are other Teaser puzzles you would like me to include please get in touch.

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Feel free to join in, either by leaving a comment (with a program if you like), linking to your own solution, or by rating puzzles (or just “liking” them). If you want to leave a general comment about the site, please do so below. Any kind of feedback is useful in encouraging me to keep the site going!

If you use this site as a source of puzzles please include a link back to the puzzle on this site.


Here are some other sites that focus on Sunday Times Brainteaser puzzles:

  • Sunday Times Teasers — a discussion site for Sunday Times Teasers (the previous site [link] had Teasers going back to 2010)
  • PuzzlingInPython — Brian’s site for Python solutions to Sunday Times Teasers


Jim Randell