Brain-Teaser 691: That’s torn it …

From The Sunday Times, 13th October 1974 [link]

It was typical of Uncle Bungle that he should have torn up the sheet of paper which gave particulars of the numbers of matches played, won, lost, drawn, etc. of four local football teams who were eventually going to play each other once. The only piece left was as shown (as usual there are 2 points for a win and 1 for a draw):

It will not surprise those who know my Uncle to hear that one of the figures was wrong, but fortunately it was only one out (i.e. one more or less than the correct figure).

Each side had played at least one game, and not more than seven goals were scored in any match.

Calling the teams A, B, C and D (in that order), find the score in each match.

This puzzle was included in the book Brain Teasers (1982, edited by Victor Bryant and Ronald Postill). The puzzle text above is taken from the book.