Brain-Teaser 482

From The Sunday Times, 23rd August 1970 [link]

The Alphabet CC ended last season with a fine win against the Early Closers XI. Declaring at 155 for six they dismissed their opponents with only minutes to spare. The Early Closers’ captain, Bond, made a spirited 71 not out.

“Nice gesture of the opposition to bat in alphabetical order”, said C. F. Arrowroot, the Alphabet president; “And did you notice that each one of the first three wickets fell when the total was the product of Bond’s score and that of the outgoing batsman?”

“Even odder”, commented B. P. Biggin, “except when Collins was out the total at the fall of every one of their wickets was the square of the dismissed batsman’s score.”

No one made a “duck” and there was just one “extra”. I should perhaps add that no two Early Closers had the same surname initial.

How many did Collins score, and what was Bond’s score at the fall of the seventh wicket?