Brainteaser 1770: Magic spell

From The Sunday Times, 18th August 1996 [link]

Marvo uses a prearranged pack of cards to perform the following trick. Holding the pack face downwards, one by one he would take a card from the top and place it on the bottom, calling out a letter each time so as to spell:

A, C, E, [the next card is an ace, which is placed on the table]
T, W, O, [next card is a 2]
T, H, R, E, E, [next card is a 3]

J, A, C, K, [next card is a Jack]
Q, U, E, E, N, [next card is a Queen]
K, I, N, G, [next card is a King]
A, C, E, [next card is an ace]
T, W, O, [next card is a 2]

Once he had spelt out the name of the card he would remove the next card from the pack, turn it over and place it face up on the table. Of course it was always the card which he had just spelt out.

In this way he worked through the clubs, then the hearts, then the diamonds and finally the spades, finishing with just the King of spades in his hand.

One day his disgruntled assistant sabotaged his act by secretly cutting the pack. However the first card which Marvo turned over was still an ace, and the the second card was still a two.

What was the next card Marvo turned over?

This puzzle was included in the book Brainteasers (2002, edited by Victor Bryant). The puzzle text above is taken from the book.