Brain-Teaser 507

From The Sunday Times, 28th February 1971 [link]

The Colourful Bus Company serves the five towns of Antwich, Bearton, Catville, Dogchester and Eagleham. The towns are joined by seven roads as shown on the map.

Each bus of the company is either Red or Blue or Green or Yellow. Each of the seven roads is covered in one direction only and by one colour of bus only.

I spent three days recently riding round the district on the buses, each day staring at Antwich and finishing at Eagleham. My journeys were on the following buses in order:

Day 1: Red, Blue, Yellow, Blue, Green, Yellow, ???
Day 2: Green, Red, Blue, Green, Red, Blue, Red, ???
Day 3: Green, Yellow, Blue, Yellow, Blue, Red, ???

I forgot to note the colour of the last bus each day.

If a bus runs from Antwich to Bearton, what is the direction and colour of the bus between Catville and Dogchester?