Brain-Teaser 496

From The Sunday Times, 29th November 1970 [link]

The soprano, the tenor, and the manager are all well aware that the five operas in the repertoire will be sung on the first five evenings of next week.

The tenor is expecting Ernani to be two nights after Don Giovanni and one night before Carmen, and he is expecting Bohème later in the week than Aida. The soprano is expecting Aida to be two nights before Ernani.

The manager, who knows all their expectations and knows the true state of affairs, tells me that for every night next week the soprano and tenor had different operas on their lists — and neither is right; he adds that the true list shows Don Giovanni two nights before Bohème.

I asked him what the tenor expected to sing on the evening booked for Aida; he told me, but I could still not be sure about next week’s true programme till he also told me what the soprano expected to sing on the evening booked for Aida. Then I knew the true programme.

What do the soprano and tenor expect on the evening of Aida?