Brain-Teaser 488

From The Sunday Times, 4th October 1970 [link]

The villagers of Titterton always tell the truth; those from Lilling always lie; those from Trulham alternate between truth and lie, starting with a truth; those from Litford also alternate, but start with a lie.

I recently met four men, one from each village:

Alf: “I’m from Trulham.”
Bert: “Alf’s from Lilling.”
Charlie: “Bert’s from Lilling.”
Dan: “Charlie’s from Lilling.”
Alf: “Dan’s from Titterton.”

As I was sorting this out, in came three more men, each from one of other of the villages:

Edgar: “I’m from Dan’s village.”
Frank: “There are more chaps here from my village than from any other.”
George: “Frank’s lying. I’m from Bert’s village.”

Name the men from Titterton, Trulham and Litford. (I should perhaps add that I live in Totworth and tell the truth invariably).