Brain-Teaser 487

From The Sunday Times, 27th September 1970 [link]

Five friends, Archer, Brown, Carter, Dale and Eade, and their wives, Anne, Betty, Clara, Diana and Edna, meet on the first Wednesday of every month to dine together (at a round table) in a local hotel. They have a rule that no wife may sit next to, or immediately opposite, her husband. Archer, as M.C., sits always with his back to the fireplace.

We are concerned with the seating arrangements in January, April, July and October. On these four occasions no man, with the exception of the M.C., sat at any place more than once. In January the men sat in clockwise alphabetical order (men and women always sit alternately). Also, on these four evenings, the ladies sitting opposite Archer were successively: Betty, Clara, Diana and Edna.

In April, Diana sat at the same place she occupied in January, and in July, Anne sat at the same place that she occupied in April.

What was the seating arrangement in October? (Clockwise, A to A, using capital initials for the men and small initials for the women).