Brainteaser 1611: Scrambled egg

From The Sunday Times, 25th July 1993 [link]

When HUMPTY fell he broke into six pieces, each comprising one letter from his name, and they landed in a row to read as a rubbish six-letter word with none of the six piece in the correct position.

The King’s horses tried to put HUMPTY together again by arranging the pieces in the reverse order, which meant that more than one piece was in the right place.

The King’s men then split that arrangement into two threes and placed the last three pieces before the first. This gave a higher number of letters in the correct place.

What was the arrangement of letters just after HUMPTY fell?

This puzzle was selected for the book Brainteasers (2002, edited by Victor Bryant). The wording above is taken from the book. It is slightly changed from the original puzzle.