Brain-Teaser 481

From The Sunday Times, 16th August 1970 [link]

The houses in Long Lane are conventionally numbered; odd on one side, even on the other. Six of my friends, all of different professions, live there, all except Black on the same side of the road. Each man’s house has a two-digit number, and the sum of the twelve digits, which is a perfect square, equals the number of the solicitor’s house. One house, next door to Robinson, is vacant.

Reversing the digits of the number of Robinson’s house give the number of the doctor’s house. Both numbers are primes. The two extreme numbers of the six are occupied by Jones and the dentist.

Reversing the digits of Green’s house gives the number of the architect’s house, and the difference between the squares of these is the square of the number of journalist’s house. Smith and the stockbroker live next door to each other.

What is the number of the vacant house? What is White’s profession? And what is the name of the stockbroker?