Teaser 3119: Hidden powers

From The Sunday Times, 3rd July 2022 [link] [link]

My grandson is studying “History since the Battle of Hastings”. I made him a game, which consisted of a row of nine cards, each with a different non-zero digit on it. Throw a standard die, note the number of spots displayed, count that number of places along the row and pause there. Throw the die again, move the corresponding number of places further along and pause again. Repeat this until you come off the end of the row, noting the digit or digits you paused on and put these together in the same order, to produce a number.

Keeping the cards in the same order I asked my grandson to try to produce a square or cube or higher power. He eventually discovered that the lowest possible such number was equal to the number of one of the years that he had been studying.

What is the order of the nine digits along the row?