Brain-Teaser 787: Puzzlers’ office party

From The Sunday Times, 15th August 1976 [link]

Brainbenders and Co., the noted games and puzzles manufacturers, held their office party recently.

The eight from the planning department shared one round table. Pat Robinson and Ann arrived together. Miss Davis looked sensational in her new dress and Mr Armstrong’s suit was fresh from the cleaners.

Red-haired John sat on Miss Jones’s right while Mary sat next-but-one to both Miss Brown and Miss Stevens. Joan only had eyes for Mr Evans, opposite her, while her neighbour, Edna, was interested in Fred, who was sitting beside Bill and next-but-one to Miss Stevens.

Mr Smith was the only man between two girls and Miss Brown the only girl between two fellows. However, only two people sat opposite a person of their own sex.

What was the seating plan?

This puzzle was included in the book The Sunday Times Book of Brain-Teasers: Book 1 (1980, edited by Victor Bryant and Ronald Postill). The puzzle text above is taken from the book.