Teaser 3035: Friend of the Devil

From The Sunday Times, 22nd November 2020 [link]

My friend, “Skeleton” Rose, rambled on with me and my uncle (“The Devil” and “Candyman”) about Mr Charlie, who gave, between us, three identical boxes of rainbow drops.

Each identical box’s card template had a white, regular convex polygonal base section with under ten sides, from each of which a similar black triangular star point extended. All these dark star points folded up to an apex, making an enclosed box.

The number of sweets per box equalled the single-figure sum of its own digits times the sum of the star points and the box’s faces and edges. If I told you how many of the “star point”, “face” and “edge” numbers were exactly divisible by the digit sum, you would know this number of sweets.

How many sweets were there in total?