Teaser 3030: Pot success

From The Sunday Times, 18th October 2020 [link]

In snooker, pot success (PS) is the percentage of how many pot attempts have been successful in that match (e.g. 19 pots from 40 attempts gives a PS of 47.5%). In a recent match, my PS was a whole number at one point. I then potted several balls in a row to finish a frame, after which my improved PS was still a whole number. At the beginning of the next frame, I potted the same number of balls in a row, and my PS was still a whole number. I missed the next pot, my last shot in the match, and, remarkably, my PS was still a whole number.

If I told you how many balls I potted during the match, you would be able to work out those various whole-number PS values.

How many balls did I pot?