Teaser 3020: Baz’s bizarre arrers

From The Sunday Times, 9th August 2020 [link]

“Bizarrers” dartboards have double and treble rings and twenty sectors ordered as on this normal dartboard [shown above]. However, a sector’s central angle (in degrees) is given by (100 divided by its basic score). The 20 sector incorporates the residual angle to complete 360º.

Each player starts on 501 and reduces this, eventually to 0 to win. After six three-dart throws, Baz’s seventh could win. His six totals were consecutive numbers. Each three-dart effort lodged a dart in each of three clockwise-adjacent sectors (hitting, in some order, a single zone, a double zone and a treble zone). [Each] three-sector angle sum (in degrees) exceeded that total.

The sectors scored in are calculable with certainty, but not how many times hit with certainty, except for one sector.

Which sector?

This puzzle uses a different spelling for “arraz” from the previous puzzle involving Baz (Teaser 2934).