Brain-Teaser 516

From The Sunday Times, 2nd May 1971 [link]

In Northminster the Premier is planning a reshuffle of five positions in his Cabinet. They are (in decreasing order of rank):

Deputy Premier,
Chancellor of the Purse-strings,
Minister of Mails,
Secretary of Science,
Head Whip.

At the moment these jobs are held (not respectively) by:


Soon these five jobs are to be re-allocated among these five people and each person will get a different job from the one he holds at the moment.

In the reshuffle the Premier is going to promote Chamberton to Minister of the Mails, or above. Edane is also to be promoted. Attler has made it clear that if he is going to be junior to Chamberton, then the only Deputy Premier he would work under would be Disreel.

Balfy is going to be demoted, but one consolation is that after the reshuffle he will be senior to someone to whom at the moment he is junior. Finally, Disreel will become Deputy Premier only if Balfy becomes Minister of Mails.

The Premier tries to avoid a party split by arranging his reshuffle to satisfy all the above demands. Also he arranges it with the least number of demotions possible in the circumstances.

Who is the present Secretary of Science? And, who is to become Secretary of Science?