Brain-Teaser 510

From The Sunday Times, 21st March 1971 [link]

Announcing that the Baron’s team had won the angling competition, the Mayor told those assembled that the winning catch weighed 19st 1lb 7oz and consisted of plaice, halibut and turbot. He also disclosed the remarkable fact that each fish of the same kind had been precisely the same weight — each plaice 2lb 8oz, each halibut 4lb 1oz and each turbot 6lb 6oz.

Although His Worship mentioned that half the total number of fish in the winning catch were of one and the same kind and that there were three times as many of one kind as of one other kind, he lamentably failed to give the further details so many were waiting to hear.

One enthusiast, for example, wished to know the total weight of all the plaice landed by the Baron’s team.

Can you say what it was? (Answers in lbs).