Brain-Teaser 505

From The Sunday Times, 14th February 1971 [link]

Colourland is inhabited by three races, all similar in appearance — Redmen, a truthful people; Greenmen, who always lie; and Bluemen, who sometimes tell the truth and sometimes lie. Their houses are painted either red, green or blue, but no one lives in a house with the colour of his race name.

One day, after a football match, three of the winning team, which won 1-0, were standing together. Their shirts were numbered 1, 2 and 3, and by tradition these three would be one from each race, each occupying a different coloured house.

I asked number 1 if number 2 told the truth more often than number 3, to which he answered “No”. I then asked number 2 if any of the three of them had scored the winning goal, his reply being “I did”.

I next asked one of them if he lived in a certain coloured house, and from his reply I was in fact able to determine:

(i) the colour of each tribesman’s house, and:
(ii) which (if any) scored the goal.

Can you?