Teaser 2884: Farewell

From The Sunday Times, 31st December 2017 [link]

Today I am retiring after editing this column for 40 very pleasurable years. My heartfelt thanks go out to all the setters and solvers of puzzles with whom I have corresponded.

To celebrate the 40 years I threw a party for the puzzle-setters. At the party we assigned a different whole number from 1 to 26 to each letter of the alphabet; for example, we had A=13 and Z=3. We did this in such a way that, for each person present (including me), the values of the letters of their Christian name added to 40.

Bob, Graham, Hugh, Nick and Richard were there, as were two of Andrew, Angela, Danny, Des, Ian, John, Mike, Peter, Robin, Steve and Tom.

Which two?

Victor Bryant also contributed many Enigma puzzles for New Scientist under the pseudonym Susan Denham.