Brain-Teaser 493

From The Sunday Times, 8th November 1970 [link]

Three men from the Absorbers’ Association, three from Bacchante’s Bank and three from the Convivial Corporation, took a drink together.

From each concern, one man drank sherry, one gin and one whisky. Of the three choosing sherry, one chose medium, one dry and one extra dry. With gin, one took tonic, one lemon and one vermouth. With whisky, one plain water, one soda water and one dry ginger.

The dry sherry drinker did not belong to the same concern as the plain water man, nor to the same concern as the vermouth man. The drinkers of dry ginger, lemon and medium sherry were from three different concerns.

Either the tonic man or plain water man (but not both) was from the Absorbers’ Association. The selectors of soda and vermouth were not colleagues and neither represented Bacchante’s Bank.

The tonic man belonged either to the same concern as the dry sherry drinker or to the same concern as the medium sherry man.

Which type of sherry was chosen by a Convivial Corporation man and what did [the] other men from that same concern take with gin and take with whisky?