Brainteaser 1629: Tangle o’ the aisles

From The Sunday Times, 28th November 1993 [link]

It was a big day in Obness. Five girls, each from a different Scottish island, each marries the only sibling of one of the others. It was a big day for one of the licensed retailers too: ten bottles of good malt sold with all the brothers-in-law receiving one each from the respective grooms.

Ann’s husband’s sister’s husband is married to the wife of the Harris girl’s brother. Bella’s husband’s sister’s husband’s sister’s husband’s sister’s husband’s sister is Emma. Celia and Delia are sisters-in-law. The Lewis girl’s brother’s wife is the Mull girl’s husband’s sister. Celia’s husband’s brothers-in-law are the Harris girl’s brother and the brother of the girl from Skye. Delia has a sister-in-law from Iona.

For each girl find out:

(a) who married her brother?
(b) which island did she come from?

This puzzle was selected for the book Brainteasers (2002, edited by Victor Bryant).

Although the puzzle states that the girls are from different islands, Lewis and Harris are parts of the same island (although they are often referred to as if they were separate islands).