Brain-Teaser 484

From The Sunday Times, 6th September 1970 [link]

The total ages of my children, all of single birth, exactly equal my own age. On the same day next year they will exactly equal my husbands age.

At present my husband’s age is divisible by the age of only one child, but in one year’s time it will be divisible by the separate ages of three children and also by the number of children in the family, while my own age will be divisible by the age of one child only.

During the year ahead, on just one day in May, my husband’s age will be divisible by that of my eldest child.

What are the children’s ages?

Note: This puzzle is flawed, as there is not a single solution. A note was published with Brain-Teaser 485 saying that as there are three solutions no prize can be awarded.