Teaser 2956: A nice little earner

From The Sunday Times, 19th May 2019 [link]

The “value” of a number is found by subtracting its first digit from the last. For example, 6, 72, 88 and 164 have values 0, −5, 0 and 3 respectively.

Raising funds for a local charity, I placed some raffle tickets numbered from 1 up to a certain 3-digit number, in a box. Participants then selected a ticket at random. If the value of their number was positive, they won that amount in £; if the value was negative, they contributed that [positive] amount in £. Otherwise no money changed hands.

All the tickets having been used, the total amount raised in £ was a rearrangement of the digits in that number of tickets.

How much was raised?